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I believe most political platforms are theoretical until executed. I will stand on my track record of service over the last 6 years as a man of faith and his word. I have stood beside my community through some challenging times over two terms. As a community, we have persevered and thrived. I do believe there is room for improvement in our city, but at least we are starting from a place of positive momentum. High Point is the safest city in the Triad and I intend to keep it that way. 

My Commitments

TRANSPARENCY - When I first ran for office in 2017, I made a commitment to make communication with my constituents a priority. I have made every effort to keep my word. I have utilized, town halls, social media platforms, emails, phone calls, etc. to ensure that every citizen of Ward 5 knows that I am easy to reach, ready, and willing to address any issue that needs my attention.   

CITYWIDE TOWN HALLS - If elected to the mayor seat, I would like to initiate a citywide town hall night. These would be scheduled at least twice a year and all 6 Wards would participate. They may choose to do them individually, or team up and combine 2 or 3 Wards as I have done in my time on council. I will ask and expect every council member of each Ward as well as the at-large members to participate. I know we have our regularly scheduled city hall meetings, but those are designed for the council to meet and conduct city business. City hall meetings are a venue for the citizens to visit the council, but town halls are more effective at bringing the council to the people. These are effective ways to build trust between the elected and the electorate as well as provide clear and transparent two-way communication.
HOUSING COSTS - Many studies show that up to 40% of new construction costs are due to government fees and costs associated with infrastructure, permitting, and planning. Our department is working as hard as they can, but there are inefficiencies. The processes need to be streamlined and fully staffed to reduce the costly wait times. I have met with most of the developers in our area and the consensus is that reducing this timeline would reduce the cost of the finished product between 10-20%. One approach is to tax the people and subsidize housing to make it affordable...why not make the process more efficient and get the same result without taxing the people? Simply put, streamlining our planning and permitting processes will reduce the costs incurred by developers in our city compared to other municipalities. That can and would reduce the final cost of new construction homes in High Point.
YOUTH FOCUSED - As your mayor, I would like to increase participation with youth-focused mentorship and apprenticeship programs specifically geared towards the trade industries. There is an increasing demand for lucrative careers in nearly every trade. These have a low barrier of entry and provide high-wage jobs which can invigorate an entire generation. The city can collaborate with the local community colleges to ensure they provide pathways for success. Many apprenticeships are paid and can begin as early as high school. This is a critical age where our youth can either get on a fast track or fall to the wayside. Although I possess a college degree, none of my income today comes from that piece of paper. It comes from two decades of experience in various trades. I would like to see High Point excel in producing leaders in the trade industries.
VETERAN FRIENDLY - It is no secret that I work every day to assist veterans in our community. When we all get out of the service, we have an understanding of what cities and towns are most welcoming to us. My work as the Chairman of the Heroes Center and my involvement since the founding of the organization speaks volumes to our efforts. These veterans are looking for jobs, housing, and community. I will strive to put us on the map for those leaving the service. My organization partnered with Business High Point Chamber of Commerce and Visit High Point to create the Veterans Business Initiative. We are working with companies who are looking to hire veterans and utilize their in-service skills to provide for their families.
COST OF LIVING (TAXES) - I have served as a member of our finance committee since I was first elected. The mayor handles those appointments as one of his duties. With my background in the financial sector, I know the tough questions to ask when it comes to effectiveness and efficiency. I will ensure that our budgetary items are well-evaluated and in the best interests of the city. I have stood up against several attempts to raise our tax rate and advocated for the 10% reduction in our electric rates we passed in 2020 that is still in effect today.
TRANSPORTATION - We have already included room in our budget to expand our bus routes, but CDL drivers have been the challenge. I believe the city needs to take measures to incentivize these positions to fully staff the transportation department. These bus routes provide critical mobilization of our citizens to/from their places of employment, doctors' appointments, etc. We must ensure that our system is robust and fulfills the needs of the people.
DIVERSITY - Diversity is one of our city's greatest strengths. As a your mayor, I will work to promote inclusivity and celebrate diversity in all its forms. I will work to ensure that all residents feel welcome and valued in our city, regardless of their race, ethnicity, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.
BUSINESS - Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. As your mayor, I will work to create policies that support small businesses and promote economic growth in our city. I will work to reduce barriers to entrepreneurship and provide resources to help small businesses succeed.
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